Sculpture: Au fil de l'au - Véronique Clamot


Véronique Clamot

Date of birth: june 18th 1968, Charleroi - Belgium
Study: Graduate of Illustrator at St.Luc, Brussels
Lives and works in the Ardennes, Belgium.

The tiny "baigneuses" in bronze by Véronique Clamot,
sculpted with loads of appetite,
feel absolutely comfortable with their round forms.
They display a realism drenched in universal thruth.

Sharp observations, brought to life by the skillful hands of the artist
using the traditional lost wax method.

Chantal Elshout (Galerie Tempera - feb. 2000)


Les Baigneuses
Bronze Statues by Véronique Clamot

Chubby women at the seaside,
caught off guard